When is the best time to eat the bar?

 Anytime! We are all busy and on the go, so having the bar on hand any time you have gone without food for 2-3 hours will help in boosting metabolism or curbing those chocolate cravings.

 Is this bar good for breakfast?

 You can have this bar any time! Usual consumption is breakfast time, pre workout, post workout or as a snack throughout the day!

What makes this bar different?

Here’s a short list of why OUR bar is better than the rest:

 -     100% All Natural (No Artificial sweeteners that can cause bloating, no high fats, no fructose, etc.)

-     Very high in fibre (Helps bowel movements and for satiety)

-     15g of protein (Most bars use soy, which has a list of negatives!)

-     Main ingredient is oats! (Why eat a bar with no nutritional advantage, when you can eat a bar with substance and health benefits!)

 Is this bar gluten free?


 Is this bar nut free?

Nut free and made in a nut free facility!

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